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First steps

First, you’ll have to already own your domain, buy one from many domain resellers or create free one at or any other provider.

If you already own a domain name, make sure your A Record points to IP For a free domain follow this simple guide

Creating your new web site.

  • Open the control panel and Click on the tab marked ‘Sites’.
  • In the main body of the page click ‘+Add new website’
  • Fill in the Domain field with your domain. Don’t include www.
  • Fill in the Harddisk quota and Traffic quota with the quotas given to you. In most cases 2000 for hdd quota and 102400 for traffic quota. If you plan to use two domains ( two separate web sites ), you’ll have to split your given quotas between those two. For example 1000 hdd / 51200 traffic each site.
  • The rest fields can be left as the are. Change them only if you know what you are doing.
  • Click save

That should be it. Now when browsing to http://yourdomain.tld ( yourdomain.tld must be replaced with domain name u created ) you should get a default index page displayed.
It will look like this


Creating ftp account.

  • In the same tab ( Sites ) on the left hand menu click FTP-Accounts and then click Add new FTP-User button in the main window
  • select a website for which you are creating the account
  • type in the new username ( notice that the username get’s the prefix that must be entered when connecting over ftp !! )
  • type in the password and repeat.
  • you can assign the disk quota to that ftp user up to max value assigned to your account ( usually 20000 ), or just leave it like it is ( -1 ) for all the available space.
  • click Save

Now you should be possible to to connect to ftp://yourdomain.tld with your prefix_username / password combination using your favorite ftp client software ( Filezilla f/e )

Creating databases and database users

If your website software requires database ( like CMS systems like Drupal, joomla, wordpress, … ) here is how to do it.

First we need to create one database user:

  • In the tab Sites on the left hand menu click Database Users and then click Add new user button in the main window
  • fill in the new database username and password ( notice the username prefix! )
  • Click save
  • On the left hand menu click Databases and then Add new database button in the main window
  • select the site the database is created for
  • Leave the Type as it is
  • enter the new database username ( Notice the prefix ! )
  • select the database user
  • optionally select the database character set
  • enable or disable remote access to the database ( for better security, if you don’t REALLY need it, better leave unchecked )
  • if you enabled remote access in the next field you can enter IP addresses from where the remote connection will be allowed.
  • Save!

Databases can be managed using phpMyAdmin for editing and import/export on http://yourdomain.tld/phpmyadmin

Email accounts

  • Click the Email tab and then Add new Domain Button
  • in the domain field type your domain name
  • Click Save
  • Click Email Mailbox on the left hand menu and click Add new Mailbox button
  • everything here is self explanatory …
  • Click Save

You have new email address!! 🙂

You can access it using pop with yourdomain.tld as pop and smtp servers or using webmail http://yourdomain.tld/webmail